Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Great Easter Holiday!

I hope you all had as great an Easter Holiday as I did. My daughter and grandson were here for 6 days. My son-in-law is in the Marines and is on training and couldn't join them. He's preparing for his third tour---------

Anyway, what a great time with Anthony - he's 6 months, cute as a button and was tons of fun.

Here's a few images-------

As you can see, he is very cute!

We had a good time at my parents place, did the Easter Egg Hunt for the rest of our grand kids and nephew. It was a little cold were we are - so the egg hunt was made easy to keep it short. When is the warm weather coming?

Anyway, it was good to just take a few days and do mostly nothing but have fun with Anthony and relax - 4 days goes quick!

So, back to work - more catalog work, processing uploading etc.........