Sunday, June 7, 2009

WWII Show at Reading Airport

Hello All,

Today my Dad, 2 brothers, nephew and I went to the Reading WWII airshow. What a great day for this! It started as a normal day - getting the camera equipment ready, ya know, camera bag - extra lens - vest and monopod, the norm---- then the sunscreen. Well I tried something new, it was like putting spackling. It coated my legs and arms almost pure white - I looked like a ghost, but I was protected. Grabbed a hat, kissed the wife and off we went!

After an 1 hour trip, we were parked and got on a bus that took us into the airport. We spent all day walking around enjoying the sites, listening to the roar of the radial gas engines of loads of aircraft.

We went into the hangar to see all the different displays and much to our surprise, there were several war vets that were on many of the missions of WWII signing autographs! That was awesome! I'm not much of a history buff, but this was really neat to see. I also realize I need to bone up on things - too much Photoshop------------

Anyway these are only a few of the over 200 images I've taken today!