Friday, April 9, 2010

Digital Class has Started - Easter's over--

As mentioned, I'm getting more time to blog! Easter has come and gone very quickly. The other part of our family; Sarah, Mike, Anthony and now Dominic celebrated in NC. Well, unfortunately Mike is in Afganistan. But, as with new technology - "Skype" - we were able to see the addition to the family - Dominic! Don't you love technology when it works? We set up a time, got on Skype where all of us at Mom and Dad's got to see 4 day old Dominic for the first time! It was great - Anthony was in the background carrying on, it's really neat, as if you're right there. We are traveling down at the end of the month, so, pictures then!

OK, as the title states, "Digital Class has Started"! I have 10 in the class and all are very enthusiastic! This coming week is the third night. I got them through "Getting off the Dreaded A" (automatic). They had to learn all about using "Manual" settings. Yes, this is quite challenging, everyone pulling out their owners manuals, however, I think they all got it! I think the bucket of water therory helped, along with the charts on the marker board!

So this week, Composition - Rules of the Thirds - Fill Flash - Depth of Field - Shutter Speed and more. It's a night of hundreds of images showing what works and what doesn't and the mistakes I've made and the learning curve from them. Actually, I need to add more to the presentation - images from Italy, some of the grandkids. etc.. I hope they enjoy it!

Ok, so back to work. Stay tuned!