Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Don't be Afraid - Act Quickly and Just Get It!

Many times I've seen things I should just stop the car and pull the camera out and take the photograph! But, always worried about being late for an appointment or stopping, and the car behind me becoming upset.

Ya know what, just do it! This has happened too many times to me and I'm always then saying, "why didn't I stop and grab that photograph"!

Remember a few months ago I mentioned about keeping your camera at the ready? This evening a storm blew threw and a beautiful rainbow appeared - actually 2, the second was hard to see. It was only there for 3 ~ 5 minutes.

Here is one of 4 shots I took just outside my home, it was still raining slightly. I wish I have a clear shot, a helicopter would be nice for this. The point here is - have your camera ready! If you're not comfortable with changing setting quickly, keep it on Auto, which I'm not a fan of, but it just may be the difference between getting a photograph or not.

Act Quickly and Just Get It! It's digital, if you don't like it - delete it, but, you'll never know!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Watch that Heat!

Here in the Northeast, we aren't used to the excessive heat. And just to show how hot it is, this is day 2 of our 7 day heat wave, take a look at the bottom set of numbers, this is a remote unit showing the shade area in the back of my home!

This is the temperature in the front of my home,

Fortunately, these images were taken from inside my home.

Be careful of the heat, both you and your equipment! Some cameras will actually shut down in excessive heat to protect their internal componients. If you need to be out there to do photography in these conditions, guard your equipment from direct sun as much as possible. Also, be careful of taking your camera in and out of air conditioning, this can cause your lens and image sensor to fog. Most of all, drink plenty of water! You want your photography to be a fun time, not a time spent in the hospital because you didn't take care of yourself!

Enjoy the outdoors, but, "Watch that Heat!