Sunday, September 19, 2010

Artwork On Display

As most photographers, I do some travel photography and one of my students, an art teacher from Palisades School District; has asked me and another friend to display some of our favorite travel images. I was very excited, I've never displayed in a gallery! After looking over the gallery and choosing the wall to display on, I set out to choose about 10 images from thousands I have archived. That in itself was a task. With the help of my wife, we came up with 9, which is all the space would allow for the size images I chose to hang.

Here is the invitation poster!

Needless to say, we all could have filled the gallery with our works! Below are 2 images of my artwork that I placed on display. It was too wide for one photograph!

Top is the left side, bottom is the right!

I had 9 images displayed from Longwood Gardens, Niagara Falls, Biltmore Estates and of course, Italy!

We had a good time at the opening, lots of great comments about all the images. Hors dovours were served, unfortunately no wine - boo, we are in a high school.

We each had our favorite image and it was interesting to see the reactions from the visitors as to their favorite. For me, most chose the one I did. Not sure of the others artist....

If you are in the Bucks County area of PA, please take the time to stop by and see three different styles of beautiful artwork! It will be up until the beginning of November.

If you ever get the chance to do an exhibit in a gallery, do it! It's great to listen to the comments for viewers!