Monday, November 2, 2009

It the time important?

Now that daylight saving time has ended and we have changed our clocks, you may want to think about doing the same to your cameras. Most students in my digital night classes admit they don't bother.

Here are some things to consider as to doing so;

When you go on a vacation, do both you and your spouse capture images? What happens when you process all of your files and you want to have both sets of images in chronological order, which there are programs for? If your times are not the same, your image order will be all a-skew! By making sure your cameras are as close in time as can be, your final order will be as taken from both cameras.

If you are photographing an event by 2 or more persons, say a wedding, you definitely want this event in order. This has happened to me where the photographer I hired told me he changed his camera, only to find out when I did the processing it wasn't. It took me quit some time to manually re-order the files to the correct order of the event.

Another thing to consider is to change the time on your camera to local time if you travel. When you are trying to re-create an itinerary, this could become very confusing. When my wife and I traveled to Italy, there was a 6 hour difference and I didn't change my camera, it was on EDST. When we got back and we were trying to figure some of the places we visited based on the image files, I realized my mistake.

Is the time important? You bet it is!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Panoramic Images - Our newest product

One thing the helps separate us from other services is adding different products for the clients to choose.

I recently completed a large assignment for a new client who wanted to showcase areas of the overall sites I photographed. My suggestions was panos - which are 8 x 24 inches which fit his need exactly! See these 4 samples below. The client was very happy!

You just need to be creative and willing to make changes to you normal list of products, and let clients know you're willing to do so.