Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boomer Esiason CF Fundraiser

OK, it's Sunday evening and I'm somewhat tired. I was donating my photography services for a Cystic Fibrosis Dance Fundraiser all day today for a close friend of mine's daughter, an event called "The Motion".

I started around 8:30 by setting up a booth area to exhibit some of my recent works, which was stalled because there wasn't an area for me, we had to create one. OK - we finally moved tables around (we were in a cafeteria) and I got things set up - 9 - 16 x 24's here, 1 - 16 x 24 here, the pano here and finally the etched granite here! Good - that's done.

Next, I set up the camera equipment and started to photograph the dancers. The first one on deck was Leslie Feliciano from NY. He really had the class moving - I was getting tired just watching them and him------------! There were several others including The FR3SH Dance Company, Zumba with Ann Poko, Philadelphia KIXX Dance Team and finally Juli Kell.

A local radio DJ was the MC, and many vendors were setup selling their "goods", and the food was Great! Everyone donated either products, time or services to this great cause.

OK, 10 hours later the finally, a local band called Hiccup Hellen who rocked the house for about an hour. I have to admit, I didn't stay until the end - I have a rough time with really loud noise, but they were good and I have images to prove I stayed!

OK, that's it for now. I must get to process the images and post them for all to see.

Until then - sleep well----------------------

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Night of Digital Photography Class!

Well, things started some what shaky. As I was doing the last minute changes to my presentation and went to shutdown my laptop, it decided to do 32 updates. Yikes! I needed to leave for class---

Well, it finally finished and off I went! Class started off OK then the freshly charged battery in my Gyro Mouse died - thank goodness for spares. Next, because of the bronchitis I had last week, I stared to lose my voice - 45 minutes to go - now what? Fortunately, drinking water and some lozenges help me through.

I hope my students enjoyed night one - only seven more to go! Don't forget - use manual!

See you next Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just the beginning!

Hello Everyone!

I've just created a blogger area for my business that I will be using for my digital photography classes and other things.

Since I'm just getting started at this, it will be slow until I learn all the ins and outs.