Thursday, October 7, 2010

Travel Photography Class

Starting Tuesday, October 12th, I will be teaching my first "Travel Photography" class. I'm looking forward to it. I hope to learn as much as I will be teaching because this topic can go on forever! I will be applying what I've learned and what I've researched and also tips and pointers from some of my past students, one in particular who is a world traveler. I've learned from him as well - thanks Larry!

My wife and I have been to Canada and Italy one time each so far, planning another trip to Italy in October of 2011. We have done some domestic traveling as most of you have, both by car and air, and the challanges between the two are so different. Overseas is an even greater challange as everyone is well aware of. For me, I want to take all of my camera equipment, but, you just can't. That's when you learn to be more creative, composing beautiful images with less!

I hope the class goes well and we all learn! I've spent many hours preparing and creating the PowerPoint. The critiques will tell-------

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