Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Time - Keep Warm and Dry!

Here is the Northeast, we get a chance to enjoy beautiful snowfalls, however, occasionally, these beautiful winter marvals turn into an icy mess as did this past week. but, as photographers, we need to take advantage of natures wonders!

Here are some images taken of our back yard! The first is our weeping Apple tree. I have found that most of my ice scenary images are best taken during or just after the storm with heavy overcast. I've done some in bright sunlight and I wasn't happy with my results - I need to practice more!!!

This below is our pergola!

These below are our Dogwood tree in the front yard - note some shallow depth focusing on either the front or the back of the image.

And last, our hand made (by my father) bird house!

Remember, for outdoor wintertime photography, keep both you and your camera warm and dry. These images were taken from inside our home, lucky for me on this one!

So, don't let bad weather spoil your fun - take advantage of what mother nature brings to us and capture her beauty!

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